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Author: Samantha Durkin

Tussell Tech200

UBDS makes the Tussell Tech200 list with triple digit growth

We are very proud to announce that UBDS is on the Tussell Tech200 list. The Tussell Tech200, in partnership with techUK, ranks the 200 fastest growing technology companies to supply the public sector, based on Tussell’s data on UK government spending. The list is calculated

How SD-WAN Empowers The Digital Enterprise

If there’s one trend that’s set to continue beyond the year the pandemic shook the world, it’s the acceleration of the digital enterprise. The meaning of ‘business as usual’ has fundamentally changed: more services are being offered and delivered online, remotely, and employees are spending

Microservice Architectures: When Not to Use Them

From Amazon to eBay, businesses are increasingly jumping aboard the microservices trend as they seek to benefit from its multi-platform agility and ease of scalability. But just because big name tech platforms have been reaping the rewards of microservice architectures, doesn’t mean every business will.

How to Reap the Benefits of Applied AI

While healthcare, marketing and finance consistently surface as leading industries for the use of AI, most Fortune500 companies and many public sector departments have been piloting implementation. 74% of organisations surveyed by Deloitte expect AI to be integrated into all enterprise applications by 2023. A

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