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Cloud Migration

We’ll help you find and implement the best migration approach for your enterprise

UBDS Cloud Migration Services will take care of all your cloud migration needs. We design and implement a cloud adoption strategy that’s aligned to your organisational needs. Our experts create a scalable and secure roadmap to the cloud so your enterprise can benefit from infrastructure and services that are faster, more efficient, highly secure and capable of scaling at pace.

Use Cases

Our cloud migration methods transform inflexible and inefficient legacy IT practices and help you transition to a hybrid or multi-cloud operating model that matches your organisation’s unique needs. We will migrate your services and apps to the cloud to fully optimise your shared services and hosting solutions in alignment with your key business drivers. Cloud migration will remove infrastructure complexity and enable faster deployment of services, greater flexibility and security. Our experts will find and implement the right migration solution and operating model so your organisation can reap all the advantages of operating in the cloud: benefit from cost-effective centralised management and services with enhanced availability, accessibility, privileged user access and monitoring and alerting.

What We Do

Reduce operating costs – proven to generate savings of over £30 million per year

Increase resiliency and service stability

Utilise elastic, fast, agile services (EC2, vNet, VPC) with significant time to market efficiencies

Transition from current operating model to a hybrid and/or multi-cloud operating models

Improve security – fully compliant with security regulations, SOC and GDPR – secure data encryption both at rest and in transit

Moving away from IT Service Providers, on-premise (datacentre) on-premise (on-site comms/data rooms)

Moving to in-house data centres, Microsoft Azure, Amazon Web Services (AWS), Google Cloud Platform (GCP), IBM Cloud, Skylab

Our Approach

Our team of experts will work closely with you to understand your most prevalent and critical needs and develop an end-to-end delivery approach. We’ll create a high-level plan, detailing what will be moved, what will be replaced and how long it will all take. Our optimised hosting solutions and timescales will ensure a successful transition of services without impacting production.

We will undertake discovery of your IT landscape and infrastructure, mapping out applications, folders, macros and databases to help you choose the right cloud provider for your business – whether multi-hybrid cloud or single vendor.

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