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Power BI Challenge

Power-BI-Screen | UBDS I Digital Transformation

Welcome to your post-training challenge

To test your newly-acquired Power BI skills, we have a short test that you can take. Simply follow the steps below to complete the challenge.

Step 1 – Download the data files

Please download the data for all four years and save it to your OneDrive or Teams files.

Step 2 – Use PowerBI Desktop to create a report that answers the following questions

– What are the 5 countries with the highest perception of corruption in 2018?

– How has healthy life expectancy changed in the UK from 2015 to 2017?

– What are the top 10 countries for healthy life expectancy in 2018?

– Which region has the highest freedom rating in 2017? What about the lowest? (extra points if you can demonstrate this on a map)

Step 3 – Submit your results

Let us know how you did by emailing your answers to [email protected].

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