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Capitalise on Managed Cloud Platform Efficiency

Optimise resources for a lean and effective managed cloud experience.

Beat Capacity & Capability Limits

Managed cloud readiness is threatened by poor resourcing. From a lack of qualified staff to overcompensating and employing too many permanent team members.

The result isn’t only a costlier overhead. It extends to an under-resourced cloud environment where critical infrastructure, applications, security, and benefits of automation are never realised.

Managed Cloud Platform

A Holistic Approach to Managed Cloud Platform Efficiency

Well-oiled managed cloud platforms enable organisations to enjoy leaner operational resourcing without losing sight of key business objectives or compromising on service delivery or security.

Managed Cloud Platform

Gain Greater Control for Managed FinOps & Managed SecOps

Managed cloud platform capabilities can also extend to Managed FinOps and SecOps for greater control of your organisation’s cloud ecosystem. Solutions include:

Benefit from the provision of our skilled and professional team who take on the responsibility for your managed cloud platforms.

Co-Managed services is an increasingly popular option that offers organisations the ability to:

  • Build a base capability and draws on outside expertise to handle peaks in workloads and cover for in-house staff on annual leave or outside business operating hours
  • Address temporary skills gaps
  • Transfer knowledge to the in-house team to close the skills gap

Ideal for organisations that look to their partner to build their network and then transition the live services across to their operations team. UBDS works up and implements service and technical operational procedures and processes, running the service for an agreed period of time using these procedures and processes and then performs knowledge transfer and handover back to your organisations’ operations team.

At the end of the engagement, UBDS transfers knowledge back to your organisation’s operations team, and if necessary, can help hire and build an in-house team.

Streamline Your Managed Cloud Platform Environment With Us

UBDS has worked supported well-known private and public organisations, enabling them to deliver leaner and more efficient cloud operations.

Cost-Efficient Spending & Scalability
We’ll help you reduce spending and realise predictable management costs without compromising organisational agility or the worry of being ‘stung’ for ongoing change costs. You’ll also be able to grow and shrink your workloads without the need to hire or train.

Comprehensive Service Management
Experience around the clock support covering core service processes such as Incident, Change, Asset.

Infrastructure and Platform Management
Benefit from the provision and proactive management of cloud infrastructure and platforms all based on agreed service objectives and service levels.

Critical Application Management Services
Recieve application development, maintenance, and operation support for business applications.

Strengthened Cyber Security
Rely on proactive management of security configurations, processes and policies, working hand in glove with your SecOps team.

Automation and DevOps (SRE)
Leverage full-stack capabilities that improve service agility, performance and reliability. Automation and DevOps also enable self-healing, auto-scaling, code deployment.

Accreditation & Technical Expertise
Our team is also accredited with our team holding advanced technical qualifications with leading cloud platforms providers, giving our clients the confidence they need to focus on their operations.

Improved Performance
Enjoy enhanced performance and efficiency with freed-up resources that are focused on value-added activities and day-to-day cloud complexities.

A Close-Knit Team Dynamic
We’re 100% committed and become a part of your wider customer team.

A State-of-the-Art Operations Centre

We operate out of a state-of-the-art, UK-based infrastructure operations centre and our team comprises qualified security and delivery managers, architects and engineers with government clearance.

  • 24×7 Service Desk with Engineering Support.
  • UK based Infrastructure Operations Centre, with real time
    monitoring and proactive support capability.
  • Accredited professional services team, complemented by ‘smart hands’ on site technicians.
  • Infrastructure as Code’ configured network platforms, to reduce time to change and providing self-healing capabilities.
  • ISO27001 accredited.

  • ITIL aligned.
  • Comprehensive suite of service, operations and security management tools for Service Management, Incidents, Change, Event and Performance Monitoring and Alerting, Asset and Releases.
  • Proactive monitoring through automation and shift left approach enabling first time resolution.
  • Named Service Manager, service reviews and service reporting.
  • Access to real-time dashboards and reports

We can also help you with:







Deliver leaner and more efficient cloud operations

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