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Embrace Cloud Transformation for a More Secure, Scalable, Cost-effective, and Efficient Business

Move to the cloud with the right strategy and experience the ease and flexibility to meet your business needs as they evolve.

Don’t Get Left Behind

Businesses are as competitive as their ability to innovate. And today, innovation is about more than good ideas, it’s about action and the technology that enables business performance.

Legacy platforms, applications and infrastructure prevents agility and are often the cause of downtime, lost productivity, and unnecessary exposure to security threats.

But cloud transformation isn’t just a technology decision. You need to understand the key business drivers that are taking you to the cloud. And once that is understood, a cloud strategy becomes aligned to your company’s growth strategy.

Cloud Transformation
Cloud Transformation

Champion Cloud Transformation With Us

UBDS has extensive knowledge and experience in the cloud transformation space. We’ve been the go-to technology enabler for public and private sector organisations with ambitious cloud goals.

Your move to the cloud can be a seamless transition. We help clients remove the complexity of cloud transformation using our proven and effective approach:

Assessment and Strategy Development
We help to develop a scalable strategy and roadmap aligned with your business’s needs. Your strategy will account for data security and integrity, prevent downtime, offer cost savings, and include staff training.

Our team of experts will migrate your infrastructure, services and apps to the cloud, allowing you to optimise all shared services and hosting solutions in a more secure and scalable ecosystem.

Cloud Resource Optimisation
Once in the cloud, our optimisation specialist will identify the most cost-effective way to leverage cloud services. Your enterprise will enjoy cost savings and centralised management–without limiting service availability or accessibility.

Realise Agility Through Cloud Transformation

Cloud transformation enables business agility and delivers business value. It removes the obstacles of yesterday’s limited capabilities, helping businesses become more flexible, scalable, secure, and cost-effective. UBDS helps organisations transform how they operate, offering services tailored to support mission-critical business services. Our services include:

Cloud Infrastructure

Utilise our expertise and experience to realise the benefits of a fully operational cloud environment.

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Cloud Networks

UBDS is uniquely equipped to deliver cloud network solutions. We prepare original strategy and positive financial business cases, followed by the design and construction of hybrid networks.

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Application Modernisation

UBDS has a proven approach to help organisations maximise the potential of modern cloud applications.

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Digital Workplace

Capitalise on a secure, collaborative, scalable and cost-effective ecosystem for greater business performance.

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