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Migrate to the Cloud for Resiliency, Improved Security, and Cut Costs

Leverage full cloud and hybrid-cloud solutions for greater control and efficiency, without the overhead or complexity of traditional IT infrastructure.

The Old Way of Managing IT Infrastructure is Out

Owning your IT infrastructure may seem like a win, but it’s a less efficient approach that exposes your organisation to risk. Traditional, CAPEX-heavy IT infrastructure operations are clunky, costly, and require investment every 3-5 years.

Where staff should be leveraging infrastructure to deliver real business value, they have their hands full trying to maintain ageing hardware that consumes more processing power, storage, and memory resources to run. This makes it impossible to realise the agility or scalability organisations need to cope with rapid and severe political, economical, or technological change.

Team | UBDS | Digital Advisory and Digital Transformation
Team | UBDS | Digital Advisory and Digital Transformation

Greater Capabilities With Full Cloud and Hybrid-Cloud Solutions

Organisations that migrate to a full cloud or a hybrid-cloud solution typically experience a 50%-70% reduction in IT costs. They also benefit from cloud-native capabilities previously out of reach.

Capabilities include:

  • Self-aware, self-healing, and auto-scaling features, and the latest security protection through anomaly and pattern matching technology
  • Containerisation, continuous integration continuous delivery (CICD), deployment from scripts, and evergreen
  • Advanced technologies like Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Internet of Things, Power Platform, and much more

Primed for Growth
Migrating to the cloud also enables additional wins. Organisations can leverage automation to reduce toil, establish repeatable scalable patterns, and be primed for growth that takes place organically, through mergers, acquisitions or to meet current economic, political or technological events.

Capitalise on Cloud Infrastructure With Us

UBDS is the perfect partner to organisations ready to migrate to cloud hosting. Our team of cloud infrastructure specialists are adept in all hyperscale cloud provider solutions and multi-cloud models, including Azure, Amazon Web Services, and Google Cloud Platform.

Over 500 Highly Complex Applications Migrated
We’ve been behind many successful migrations, modernising over 500 applications, covering 20,0000 users, and 500TB of data – all completed with no downtime.

We have also successfully:

  • Migrated legacy technology including WebSphere, Tivoli, mainframes, AIX, Solaris, W2000+, RHEL3+, and many more.
  • Created optimised networks using a range of solutions for running services from the cloud in a significantly faster and more secure way than on-premise
  • Delivered streamlined governance through the creation of tailored business cases, complete security assessments, allowing us to complete migrations in months not years
  • Built Cloud Landing Zones using our repeatable, script deployable solutions

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Leverage cloud infrastructure to deliver business value

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