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Using Generative AI Safely

Centre of Excellence  |  Readiness Assessment

of senior IT leaders are prioritising generative AI for their business within the next 18 months*
of Corporate Strategists see AI and analytics as critical to their success over the next two years*

Generative AI (GenAI) can help organisations to stand out amongst their competition by creating more innovative and personalised products and services. It helps them to differentiate themselves by improving operational efficiency, customer satisfaction, and revenue growth.

Organisations are also looking to use Generative AI for process automation and optimising their use of data and frameworks. Business leaders are using these new technologies to discover new insights and opportunities that are currently unknown to them.

Although the pressure to innovate is driving the adoption of GenAI, there are concerns with implementing these technologies:

  • Limited technical capability to securely and safely deploy new technology
  • The risk of data leakage, including significant reputational harm and financial penalties
  • Poor customer service, including sharing of incorrect information
  • Uncontrolled deployment of new technology leading to additional spend, lack of visibility of new systems and poor adoption

Here’s where UBDS comes in

UBDS helps business leaders to investigate how to best apply AI technologies that enhance the business model and drive change. During our engagements, we focus on the why, what, and how. We challenge the status quo, assess the as-is and create a plan for the to-be.

We pride ourselves on our expertise in cloud and AI adoption in regulated industries and have developed AI apps for Central Government, Policing, and Finance organisations.

How we help

  • Expert technical input to design and deployment – covering security, integration and licensing
  • Expert design and implementation of the controls, processes and guardrails for deployment
  • Governance support – managing risk, supporting governance and design approvals and documentation
  • Business Change and Adoption – communications, engagement and training

You can look forward to:

  • Significant increases in operational performance, efficiency, and effectiveness
  • Certainty over the secure and controlled use of sensitive data
  • Demonstration of innovation and agility
  • Controlled deployment maximising supportability, security, and financial control

Regardless of where your organisation is in your Generative AI journey, UBDS can help:

GenAI Readiness Assessment

GenAI Centre of Excellence (CoE)

GenAI Centre of Excellence

Compliance and Governance

Advice, consultation, training, feedback, security controls

Standardisation and Business Metrics

Methodologies, processes, tools, approval processes

Data Management

Asset management, reporting, frameworks

Continuous Improvement

Subject matter experts, maturity development, innovation, sustainability

Our Approach

Current AI maturity model: We conduct an assessment of your organisation’s AI maturity level and identify the current gaps in AI adoption.

Current infrastructure analysis: Review current documentation, policies, and control mechanisms.

Develop high-level AI implementation roadmap: Develop a high-level GenAI CoE implementation roadmap.

Workflows and Data: Workflow mapping and Data Structure

Centre of Excellence (CoE): Implement a GenAI Centre of Excellence with a defined Target Operating Model.

Key Performance Metrics: Measure identified KPIs to evaluate the success of AI initiatives through the internal Programme Management Office (PMO).

Control and Governance: Develop and implement the required governance model, security controls, innovation policies, compliance processes, and data control guardrails.

Business Productivity: Set up internal data models to ensure the highest relevance of AI to your organisation. Conduct knowledge sharing workshops with key stakeholders.

Strategic Growth: Identify further opportunities for AI innovation to drive continuous innovation across your organisation. Accelerate the GenAI use case adoption rate.

Supply Chain Innovation: Establish a long-term relationship with customers and suppliers to implement innovation initiatives across the supply chain.

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UBDS has a proven track record in Cloud and AI adoption in highly regulated industries.

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