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Local and Central Government Solutions

for positive societal impact

Driven by Social Value

UBDS is committed to ensuring that we provide social value through our own initiatives, as well as by empowering public sector organisations to realise sustainable digital transformation so that they can better serve society. We are driven to help governments achieve truly transformational outcomes that improve the health, safety, and economic standing of UK citizens.

Central Government

Government organisations need to be incorporating inclusive technology that seamlessly blends into everyday life. UBDS leverages our deep knowledge of the public sector and the world’s leading technology platforms to enable government to:

  • Drive economic growth and development
  • Enable personalised, digital experiences
  • Deliver trusted and secure services
  • Build a resilient, sustainable future

Local Regional Government

Just like the people in your community are all different, your approach to technology needs to be, too. To respond to your community in the best possible way and operate at your most efficient, you need to make smart, strategic investments that are right for the stage you’re at, your employees, and the community you serve.

UBDS helps local governments to deliver tailored services that meet the unique needs of your local area and give community members more convenient and reliable ways to connect with your services.

Many of our public sector customers are looking to modernise their business processes. Request your free Business Process Assessment.

Intelligent government solutions

Enable personalised, digital experiences

Enhance the digital services for individuals and businesses with inclusive and accessible government platforms

Drive economic growth and development

Stimulate economic growth and empower public sector employees with training, upskilling, and new initiatives.

Deliver trusted and secure services

Adopt the highest standards of security and compliance to build trusted government services for the communities your serve

Build a resilient, sustainable future

Harness the power of new and emerging technologies for resilience and sustainability to create a better future

Government Digital Transformation: 4 Strategies for Success

Government critical infrastructure solutions

UBDS helps to deliver valued services that build trust by helping you to put people at the centre of experiences and securing sensitive public information.

  • Modernise public utilities
    Accelerate the deployment of secure, reliable, efficient, and compliant critical infrastructures.
  • Enable intelligent transportation
    Provide seamless transportation systems that are connected, accessible, efficient, and sustainable.
  • Deliver urban innovation
    Provide easy-to-use and trust digital experiences that enhance resident services.

Public health and social services solutions

We empower you to create opportunities for safety, wellness, and prosperity.

  • Care for vulnerable populations
    Improve outcomes for vulnerable people by enabling aware and connected public and social services workers.
  • Optimise benefit distribution
    Safeguard and efficiently distribute subsidies while preventing fraud, waste, and abuse.
  • Enable healthy populations
    Prevent disease and facilitate equitable access to protect and improve public health.

Public safety and justice solutions

UBDS’ solutions empower agencies, improve operations, and help you to protect communities.

  • Transform emergency response
    Integrate systems, modernise communications, and automate processes with public safety software.
  • Enable investigations and analysis
    Automate the acquisition, processing, and distribution of investigative data, as well as enhance analysis.
  • Modernise court operations
    Digitise justice systems to accelerate secure and transparent proceedings.
  • Digitise offender management
    Simplify post-trial transitions with offender case management solutions.
  • Mitigate cybersecurity risks
    Build and deploy secure solutions that support mission-critical operations and compliance.


Public finance solutions

Implement solutions that increase transparency and efficiency in public finance. Combat tax fraud, waste, and abuse while fostering economic development.

  • Simplify revenue collection
    Promote fiscal compliance and improve security with comprehensive digital revenue services.
  • Foster economic development
    Accelerate economic recovery with more secure data-sharing policies and cross-agency collaboration.
  • Combat fraud and corruption
    Manage data compliance and anti-corruption efforts.

Government Frameworks

Crown Commercial Services

UBDS is a supplier on multiple Crown Commercial Services frameworks, across multiple lots, including:

RM1557.12 GCloud 12
Services listed in Cloud Hosting, Cloud Software and Cloud Support

RM 1043.7 Digital Outcomes and Specialists 5
Both Lots: Outcomes and Specialists

RM6100 Technology Services 3
Lots 1, 2, 3d and 5

RM6263 Digital Specialists and Programmes
Lot 1 Programmes and 2 Specialists

Our Accreditations

We are highly accredited digital transformation provider and hold the following certifications:


Cyber Essentials Plus Certification
We have a clear picture of our cyber security level and customers can rest assured we have measures in place to prevent cyber attacks.

Integrated Management System ISO 9001 and 27001 Certifications
Our customers can be confident that when working with us, quality and security is ingrained into the UBDS culture.

Business Continuity Management ISO 22301 Certification
This certification refers to UBDS’ ability to help you reduce the threat of disruption, and protect your assets if something does go wrong.

Environmental Management ISO 14001 Certification
Through this framework, UBDS can reduce waste, improve resource efficiency, and cut waste management costs.

Some of our public sector clients

UBDS | Digital Advisory and Digital Transformation Partner Team
UBDS | Digital Advisory and Digital Transformation Partner Team
UBDS | Digital Advisory and Digital Transformation Partner
UBDS | Digital Advisory and Digital Transformation Partner

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UBDS has a proven track record in the public sector with unique insight into the problems faced by governments. Whether your organisation is on a local regional or central government level, we can help.

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