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Embrace Low Code Application Development for Faster ROI

Build business apps without waiting for a unicorn team of programmers

Traditional App Development Leaves Too Many Use-Cases Behind

Many organisations need custom applications. However, building Apps from scratch with code is expensive, requires very specialised skillsets that often become outsourced, and it often takes years to deliver a workable solution.

With code based applications – maintenance, security patching and any new features can be cumbersome and expensive projects in themselves. This often results in staff finding workarounds or customers escalating issues.

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The world needs great solutions.  Build yours faster

Advances in technology have made it easier and faster for people from all areas of the business, to create applications through Low Code platforms. Using ‘Drag and Drop’ interfaces and out-of-the-box components, they are creating simple to highly complex solutions. With the right Low Code Centre of Excellence for your organisation, you control who builds what and apply advanced data security and lifecycle-management, with little overhead.

Low Code platforms are providing accessible applications, analytics, automation, and even AI solutions, which can be developed with low code or no code. You no longer have to start from scratch.

Business-Critical, Low-Code App for Housing Association


Low Code High Return

There are numerous benefits when using Low Code with tailored guardrails, and the supporting operating model for your organisation. These include:

Low Code development can reduce the need for traditional IT developers, reducing hiring costs. There is also less time spent on maintenance of infrastructure and upgrades.

Low Code development can enable apps to be built faster. Now, even short and medium-term business needs can be fulfilled with a positive ROI. Apps that may take years to be developed in code, could be done in months and in some cases, even hours, by using the Low Code development platforms.

Low code platforms allow for full auditing, governance, and organisation security policies to be applied – overcoming the operational issues once caused by Shadow IT, such as Access Databases or Excel with VBA scripts.

Adapting to new requirements can be easier and faster. By defining what types of apps can be managed by the business or certain roles, you can overcome IT becoming the bottleneck. Where apps are IT owned, your teams can implement changes faster, and with less time spent on infrastructure, they can focus their efforts on the end-user needs.

Where processes are standard and repetitive, automation can achieve a real-step change for team capacity or, in some cases, fully automate a process using the low code platform and advanced RPA capabilities to integrate with legacy applications.

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Gain insights into the the cost savings and business benefits of Microsoft Power Apps in Forrester’s Total Economic Impact report.

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reduced app development and costs


revenue uplift linked to more and faster development efforts

132 000

worker hours saved from streamlined and automated activities (Year 3)

Leverage Low Code Capabilities with Us

Our Low Code Development Team can take on your project or augment your existing team. We provide end-to-end app development and support, delivering custom solutions within your organisation. We help define and execute Low Code strategies tailored to your organisations environment, policies, goals and risk appetite. We ensure you have the right people, processes and technical support mechanisms and guardrails for successful, scaled and accelerated Low Code roll-out.

Low Code Strategy

We help organisations define the business case, strategy, and operating model for Low Code. This defines what the boundaries of use are for the platform, what license model is best fit for your use cases, and how this fits in with your wider Digital Strategy.


Centre of Excellence

We define the guiding principles that help you implement your Low Code Centre of Excellence with appropriate levels of standards, support levels, test strategies, environment strategy, CI/CD, automated test tooling, and RBAC.



Tailored Solutions

We design, develop, deploy and support custom solutions for your business and user needs and help you to deliver against your Low Code strategy.






Building Your In-House Skillsets

Through standard and custom technical training, we transfer Low Code application development capabilities to our clients, giving your team the skills and experience to build and support apps through technology such as Microsoft Power Platform.

Low Code app development that delivers true value

Enter your details and receive a call back from our specialist Low Code team. We’ll share how we can help transform your technology stack into a more agile and effective ecosystem.

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