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Public Safety and Justice Solutions

The public safety sector is embracing digital transformation to empower employees to work remotely, when possible, and to continue operations as safely as possible. As they do so, departments are also uncovering new capabilities, efficiencies, and cost savings. This new way of operating, although born out of necessity due to COVID-19, is proving to be an effective way of serving people and communities.

UBDS partners with the world’s leading technology providers, such as Microsoft and VMware, to develop solutions that help organisations to make better data-informed decisions and deliver trusted outcomes within communities. These solutions solve common problems associated with:

  • Access to real-time information
  • Connectivity
  • Security risks
  • Cross-agency collaboration
  • Community safety, transparency, and inclusion

We can help you with:

Accelerating Change

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Ensuring Frictionless, High Performance

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Mitigating Risk and Ensuring Security

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How technology can help increase community security, transparency, inclusion, judicial efficiency, and equal application of justice

Accelerating Change

We strive to empower public safety providers to become more agile and make better data-driven decisions – at pace – by:

  • Improving emergency response times
  • Improving transparency and automating incident resolution processes
  • Expediting the processing of digital forensic evidence
  • Using data analytics to ensure the equitable delivery of justice
  • Maintaining operational oversight among jurisdictions for a 360-degree view of offenders

Ensuring Frictionless, High Performance

Public safety, policing and justice officials carry a huge amount of responsibility, and don’t need to be bogged down by inefficiencies in the workplace. UBDS streamlines operations and empowers teams to work from anywhere and at any time by:

  • Modernising emergency call centres
  • Automating investigative processes
  • Enabling preemptive capabilities through pre-event information sharing and analysis
  • Digitising and optimising case management (for emergency response and offender cases)
  • Boosting court efficiencies and capacity via virtual courtrooms and productivity tools
  • Automating correctional facility processing and classification
  • Enriching offender programmes through targeted social services and access to resources

Mitigating Risk and Ensuring Security

It is crucial that security and compliance remains top of mind when digitally transforming. UBDS helps with:

  • Protecting devices, identities, and applications
  • Safeguarding data with modern, cloud-based security and a Zero Trust approach
  • Ensuring data integrity

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UBDS can help you improve policing and justice, to make better data-informed decisions and deliver trusted outcomes that increase safety, accountability and transparency within the communities you serve.

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