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Streamline Your Transition to the Cloud

Experience a structured and successful cloud transition that doesn’t impact your current operation.

Poorly Planned Cloud Transitions Introduce Risk

Transitioning to the cloud can be sticky without a plan or the right technical expertise. With a bouquet of applications to cater to and the need to account for financial management and prioritise security, dropping one ball can lead to greater complexity and an even higher probability of failure.

Few organisations are able to afford the impact of long-winded and misaligned cloud transition plans. They negatively impact service delivery and worse yet, expose sensitive networks to devastating security threats.

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Leverage a Single, Integrated Cloud Transition Approach

UBDS streamlines cloud transitions by delivering a single, integrated transition approach. It incorporates service models and service management, application engineering, infrastructure, security, and finance. We offer cloud transitions in three models. These include: .

UBDS helps clients define and scope the transition, ensuring a clear operating framework is established. Our team then implements organisation, governance, and performance metrics that provide clarity for organisations, offering insight into how their cloud works and how to ensure it operates optimally. We also provide cost certainty though our business case and Total Cost of Ownership modelling.

UBDS takes the reins, assuming full responsibility for end-to-end delivery and interim operational service. This approach frees client resources to see to day-to-day technical requirements while our specialists manage your cloud transition. Once complete, UBDS carefully ensures that your business runs as usual in the cloud.

UBDS acts as a complement to your team, addressing capacity or capability gaps. We provide knowledge transfer initiatives that enable clients to gradually realise their expertise and bring more responsibility in-house.

Benefits of a Successful Cloud Operations Transition

Clients that choose UBDS experience a smooth transition into operations and enjoy:

Revised And Effective Ways of Working

Promoting a full-stack approach to operational efficiency, leverage Site Reliability Engineering, improve operational agility, and offer greater operational control to application engineering teams.

Smooth Operations

Existing operations run as-is without impact on service delivery.

Regulatory Compliance

Our planning accounts for regulatory compliance, ensuring there are no nasty surprises that can compromise your organisation’s integrity.

Greater Security Insight

By prioritising security, you gain greater insight into the threat landscape along with controls and mitigation protocols.

Peace Of Mind

UBDS’s structured approach to cloud transitions protecting the integrity of your strategy, avoiding many tactical compromises that could derail your operation and cloud objectives.

Skilled Operational Teams

UBDS supports knowledge transfer once a client is transitioned into the cloud, helping develop the in-house skills to successfully run your cloud ecosystem.

Cost Reductions And Management

Overall operational costs fall back below original operating costs before transition. Clients realise a positive business case and can exercise tight controls over costs with a focus on benefits realisation.

Experience a Successful Cloud Transition With Us

UBDS is the preferred cloud operations transition solutions provider for well-known private and public sector organisations in the UK. Our extensive experience in finance and government operations has seen our specialist security and service architects successfully manage complex cloud transitions alongside existing operations, without clients experiencing any loss of operational capacity.

Our specialist team is experienced and qualified and hold accreditations from leading cloud platform providers, offering clients peace of mind as they move to the cloud.

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Enjoy smooth operations and peace of mind

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