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Tag: Digital Advisory

Innovation Beyond Automation

Innovation beyond automation

The term innovation has been around for many years but what do people actually mean when they try to be innovative? It has become somewhat of a phenomenon that the organisations who look for innovative ideas and innovative ways of doing something often associate this term with simply automating their
Microsoft Catalyst Programme

What is the Microsoft Catalyst Programme?

The Microsoft Catalyst programme, delivered by UBDS, helps your business to conceive and realise accelerated business transformation through a range of curated stages. With a focus on Microsoft technology and your business applications, the programme helps your organisation become proactive, connected and outcomes-based. The programme also reduces strain on our
VMware Cloud Innovation and Transformation Award | UBDS

VMware Cloud Innovation and Transformation Award Winners 2022!

UBDS has been awarded the VMware Cloud Innovation and Transformation Award at a black tie event hosted in London yesterday evening, Wednesday 29th June 2022. The VMware UK&I Partner Recognition Awards recognises and thanks all the partners that have contributed to VMware's success and growth in the past year. The
cloud migration can improve your sustainability | UBDS

How cloud migration can improve your sustainability

Most UK companies care about their impact on the planet. In fact, 90% of UK businesses rank sustainability as a top priority. Yet, they only allocate 8% of the budget to environmental, social, and governance (ESG) initiatives, according to Google Cloud research. And it’s hard to prove if those initiatives
Cloud Migration Strategy UBDS Digital Transformation

What is a Cloud Migration Strategy?

A cloud migration strategy is a plan of actions to help organisations understand the benefits of adopting the cloud and ultimately leading to modernised applications, optimised internal operations and increased business agility whilst driving cost down. It is a map of where you are, what outcomes and benefits you are
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